History of CFA

Pastors Emilio and Bethany Abreu started a prayer meeting in their home in 1985.This group

experienced a rapid expansion due to the moving of the Holy Spirit. Two years later with a

congregation of 300 and an increasing passion to see the country turn to God, a challenge was

launched to build a place of worship to seat two thousand.

The growing church develops new requirements in management and spiritual areas demanding

innovative tools, to meet the needs for the new born Christians discipleship. Due to this, Pastor

Emilio implemented the cell group model, which would herald a new era in the Paraguayan

evangelical church community.

In 2003 the congregation was faced with an entirely new challenge: a church building for 12000.

Six years later, in October 2009 this vision had become reality and the move was made to the new


At present CFA has planted 40 churches in Paraguay, and recently also in Santiago, Chile, and

Pittsburg, USA in addition to assisting a network of 200 congregations of various denominations

with the same vision, discipleship by way of the cell group model.